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Our Services

With online support & tracking facility, our dedicated & experienced customer service team, provides you support & advice at every stage to help you better plan, organise & maintain control of your distribution requirements.

We provide express Services for:

  • Important Documents, such as Tenders, Contracts, Artwork & Business Reports
  • Dutiable goods such as Samples, Replacement parts & Finished products
  • All your Export & Import needs
  • Urgent Deliveries or collections
  • Delivering your packages within 24 / 48 hrs (except Saturdays ,Sundays and public holydays) to
    New York, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt

& other Regular services like:

  • Air Freight forwarding
  • Transportation of Cargo to Various Air ports from factories / warehouses of clients.
  • Warehousing and storage of export and Import cargo.
  • Handling and clearing Air export shipments
  • Providing door to door service.
  • POD's at no extra cost.
  • International services to other stations through our Associate Courier Companies overseas having excellent track record.
  • Special rates for bulk transshipments and freight.

This service is the first choice for customers who need to send vital documents or small parcels across India or to the world in a hurry. At Amar Express, we connect a large percentage of packages through the airways. We work with the country’s leading airlines, Indian Airlines authorized On-Board-Couriers. Fine tuned and well-connected networks of on-board associates ensure great service and timely deliveries every time.

DShort distances and bulk loads at Amar Express are best handled via surface cargo services that deliver door-to-door products through rail or road. The only difference here is that the customer has to submit several inter-state permits & forms to clear the load at check-posts.

Amar Express Intracity Courier Ltd. is the company for speedy Intra-city deliveries. Amar Express is a venture promoted & managed by professionals with over two decades domain experience in the courier service industry. Now with “Intra-City” Courier Service as the core focus, this endeavour promises to deliver professional service at a friendly price.
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